Etisalat FAQ

Etisalat FAQS

The full form of FAQ frequently asked questions. The purpose of an FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions. If you want to know about the postpaid plans. Some people want to fill any format form or they want to use internet service. Then people are facing problems to understand the format form or they need help to use the internet service in the proper way. Etisalat also provides internet calling plans. And I want to tell you if you have 5G device then you can enjoy new technology 5G network. Now below I will explain to you about Etisalat FAQ.

How can I control my Etisalat bill limit?

You can control your Etisalat bill limit just follow the My Etisalat UAE App. Another option just Dialing from your smartphone *122# then follow the instructions & please wait a few minutes until you will receive your confirmation SMS. And your request will be successful. If your bill limit is finished in just 15 to 20 days and you want to extend your Etisalat bill limit. And also you can buy branded internet accessories from Etisalat shop & track your order. 

Etisalat FAQS

You can extend the bill limit simply visit any Etisalat Business center or Etisalat outlets even you can use the App My Etisalat UAE online and follow the instruction of Etisalat & select the right bill limit which you need. After that again you can enjoy the continued Etisalat service. They provide mobile installment plans. If you have a prepaid account then you can enjoy international calling plans.

How can I check my Etisalat account validity?

You can check your Etisalat account current balance just dial *121# from your smartphone and you can see your current balance on your smartphone screen. & another option you just call to 121 and check your current balance. And also you can your remaining balance here. If your prepaid account then easily you get waselGO service. For customer care, you just dial *101# from your smartphone or you just call to 101 and follow the Etisalat instructions.  And one more option for you in a convenient way you can download App My Etisalat UAE from your smartphone in play store and You can use & enjoy the App My Etisalat UAE. If you want to know about UAE WI-FI. 

What is the method to close my Etisalat eLife account?

If you have an eLife internet connection or postpaid mobile account & you deal with Etisalat as per one or two years contract basis. And you have to pay the amount on a monthly basis. Before completing your contract you want to close your account. You just dial 8006665 from your smartphone and give him the information about your Etisalat account no. After that, within a few hours, you will receive the confirmation SMS. 

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