Etisalat mobile installment plans

Etisalat mobile installment plans

If you want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 pro max mobile from Etisalat on installment, It’s easy for you. Just you have to visit any Etisalat Business center or outlets. They required some documents such as a sample your Emirates id card copy & your salary certificate on the original company letterhead with a stamp and finance manager signature. And also the last three-month payslip. And You can buy branded internet accessories & golden numbers and check the status of your order from Etisalat shop. 

Apple launched iPhone 11 pro mobile in 2 categories, 1st iPhone 11 pro and 2nd iPhone 11 pro max, & these mobiles available in 64GB & 256GB & 512GB. The best thing about the iPhone 11 Pro is water resistance up to 4 meters and you can use the seaside or any entertainment place for 30 minutes. If you’re Etisalat subscriber then you can apply for the best service as internet calling plans. If you don’t have a data package for internet calling then simply you can apply UAE WI-FI and enjoy internet calling plans. Do you want to know about the 5G network?

Etisalat mobile installment plans


If you will buy iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 pro max from Etisalat on installment. Then you will get one Etisalat postpaid sim card with the best offer of local mints and international mints & also data plan. You can use and enjoy new iPhone technology & Etisalat sim card with excellent data plans. And I want to tell you if you have a prepaid account then you can apply international calling plan simply visit here.

Installment Plans and Pricing detail

Let’s now explain to you if you will buy IPhones 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max from Etisalat. Then you can pay the amount to Etisalat at one time. And even you can pay the amount by Etisalat smart pay on easy installment for 12 months or 18 months or 24 months. And enjoy the new iPhone technology. 


GB  Pay at one time installment 12 month installment 18 month

installment 24 month

iPhone 11 pro

64 4018.10 352 245 195
iPhone 11 pro 256 4,618.10 403 280 225
iPhone 11 pro 512 5,427.62 472 330 265
iPhone 11 pro max 64 4,418.10 386 270 220
iPhone 11 pro max 256 5,018.10 437 305 245
iPhone 11 pro max 512 5,827.62 506 350


All Prices in AED excluded 5% vat.

Free upgrade service for iPhone 

You can buy iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max from Etisalat on easy installment which is suitable for you. Plus Etisalat postpaid sim card with data plans. Join the Etisalat “Upgrade anytime” program & Enjoy free upgrade service on your new phone every 3 months. And If you have any questions about Etisalat simply click on Etisalat FAQ. 

Etisalat prepaid account services. 

And I want to bring in your notice that if you have a prepaid account and you want to check your remaining balance after recharged or activation any data service. And you’re able to use waselGO service for more information about waselGO check here. 

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