How to check Etisalat balance?

How to check Etisalat balance?

If you’re Etisalat customer and you are using Etisalat prepaid sim card in your mobile phone. And you want to check your Etisalat account balance, it’s very easy simply you can Dial USSD code *121# from your smartphone & without any extra charges within a few seconds you can see your remaining balance on your mobile phone screen. if your remaining balance is low and you want to recharge your Etisalat account. simply follow the recharged method and recharge your account

All Etisalat customers services

Etisalat USSD code 101 for all Etisalat customers. If any Etisalat customers need any service or information. Simply you have to dial *101# from your smartphone then so many options will appear on your smartphone screen. Etisalat provides you UAE WI-FI service. And also you can buy branded devices like internet devices and track your order another so many devices from the Etisalat shop. & If you have a 5G device then you can enjoy the 5G network. Now below I will explain to you about these options.

How to check Etisalat balance?

If you have an Etisalat account. You can dial *101# from your smartphone then you can see the 1st option account management. It means if you click on this option then conveniently you can inquire about your created, even allowances inquiry, and you can get other information about your Etisalat account. And you can recharge your Etisalat account. And if you want to buy the international calling plan simply check here. 

How you can buy mobile data from Etisalat?

If you’re Etisalat customer. Then Just type *101# from your mobile phone and you can see 2nd options as Data. it means you can buy mobile data as perusing per mints, or daily data, even weekly data & also you can buy monthly data from Etisalat and enjoy Etisalat internet service. They provide mobile installment plans. 

If you’re an Etisalat subscriber. Then you can Dial *101# from your smartphone. Then you can also choose the 3rd option as per voice. it means you can control your Etisalat account by voice. You can listen about created inquiry and allowance inquiry, even you can recharge your Etisalat account & also you can listen to your Etisalat account usage history. if you need to answer any question about Etisalat you can visit Etisalat FAQ. 

If you’re using an Etisalat account. Then simply dial *101# from your smartphone and you can see the 5th option as special offers. By choosing this option you can buy the best data offers like freedom prepaid plans or power packs. Buy Etisalat special data offer and enjoy the Etisalat internet service. And Etisalat also provides you internet calling plans.

How you can buy a roaming package?

If you’re an Etisalat customer. Then in a convenient way you can buy roaming packages from Etisalat. Simply dial *101# from your smartphone and select the 6th option after that you can see so many roaming packages. Like you can buy a Daily roaming pack or weekly roaming pack and monthly roaming pack. And you can check the high standard roaming pack rates. And also you can see the results of your usage pack. And also you can view your incoming voice pack usage.

How you can transfer the amount to other Etisalat account?

If you have Etisalat prepaid account. And you want to transfer some amount to another Etisalat account. Simply type from your smartphone *100* mobile number *transfer amount # & click on send key. And press 1 for confirmation. Now you transfer the amount successfully. And they provide one more service to prepaid customers as waselGO. If you want to know about the waselGO service simply click here. 

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