UAE Wi-Fi by Etisalat

UAE Wi-Fi by Etisalat

All the UAE residents will be able to contact the Etisalat UAE WI-FI on their Mobile device. It’s very fast and has the highest quality of internet speed. Enable WI-FI on your mobile device and select the UAE WI-FI Etisalat & system will automatically show you the UAE WI-FI page on your internet browser. Etisalat UAE free WI-FI depends on your mobile data package.

If you are an Etisalat customer and you are using any mobile data package of 1GB and above. Then you are eligible for free Etisalat UAE WI-FI service as per hours. And If you want to login online your Etisalat account simply visit here. Now below I will explain to you the details.

UAE Wi-Fi by Etisalat

If you’re using any data package starting from 1GB to 4 GB it means you can use and enjoy 5 hours free Etisalat UAE WI-FI service. And if you have Etisalat prepaid account then you can use waselGO service & for more information simply visit here. 

If you’re Etisalat subscriber & using data package from 4 GB to 10 GB then you can get 20 hours free Etisalat UAE WI-FI service. Etisalat provides also mobile installment plans If you want to buy these plans check here. 

If You have the mobile data plan of Etisalat which starts from 10 GB & above then you can get the benefits from Etisalat & you can use and enjoy 20 hours free UAE WI-FI service. And also you can use the internet calling service. 

Benefits of Etisalat UAE WI-FI 

You can enjoy the excellent speed service of Etisalat UAE WI-FI at Public areas in the UAE, as sample Parks, entertainment, Sports ground, Shopping centers, beaches, and other so many public places you can enjoy UAE WI-FI.

A timer will start when you’re using UAE WI-FI by Etisalat, so the main feature of which is that you can check how many hours you have pending & used hours. And I want to tell you if you have a prepaid account then you can use and enjoy the international calling plans. After activation of your international calling plan, you can check your remaining balance here.

  • You can check your emails by UAE WI-FI.
  • You can use all government websites online by UAE WI-FI.
  • Etisalat provides you UAE WI-FI by fiber cable, The main feature of that you will get high-speed internet. 
  • You can find the exact location of Etisalat WI-FI hotspot & Etisalat customers can use the interactive map in Etisalat App. And in a convenient way, you can buy original internet accessories & golden contact numbers from the Etisalat shop & you can track your orders. 

How can I use Etisalat Wi-Fi in UAE?

If you want to know about UAE WI-FI by Etisalat. it’s the best service from the UAE. it’s available on all WI-FI network devices within UAE hotspots. You can connect very simply to select the WI-FI UAE from your mobile device. And enjoy the excellent unlimited high-speed internet service. If you have a 5G device then you can enjoy the 5G network.

If the First time you want to use UAE WI-FI must you have to register with your valid UAE contact number and you will get a pin code as your password. If you have any questions in your mind about Etisalat you can visit Etisalat FAQ.

If you are rejoining Etisalat UAE WI- FI after long pared and before already selected to “Remember me” Then you can go direct automatically to the main screen. 

If you forgot your Etisalat UAE WI-FI password. Then simply you have to click on the forgot password. Then for verification, you have to provide some information to Etisalat like your mobile number or other general information. After that, you will get the option to choose the new password. Select your new password and continue to use the Etisalat UAE WI-FI service. And enjoy the internet better quality with high speed.

What is the Method to connect WI-FI UAE

Now below I will explain to you the method to connect WI-FI UAE.

  • As per we are searching public device WI-FI signals. Simply you can apply from your smartphone for WI-FI signals.
  • you have to select the UAE WI-FI & you can see on your mobile screen a web page.
  • Then enter your valid UAE mobile number & select the WI-FI UAE.
  • After that, an application form will appear on your mobile screen and fill this form.
  • when you have registered you will receive 4 digit pin code for verification by SMS on your mobile number that you send at the registration time. You have to enter the pin code number on the WI-FI UAE webpage.
  • If you have already free WI-FI hours in your account then click on start on the main page and your free UAE WI-FI will start and enjoy the UAE WI-FI with Etisalat.
  •  otherwise, you can find the payment options. You can pay by recharge card or by crated card or even you can pay the amount by your debit card. And select the hours. How many hours you want to use WI-FI UAE.
  • once you complete filling the form simply connect to WI-FI UAE and you are successful. Enjoy the unlimited high-speed internet service.

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