How to change Etisalat WiFi Password router (Easy Guide 2020)

Etisalat wifi password change

If you’re a customer of Etisalat internet connection and you’re using Etisalat wifi. Make sure your wifi you have to change your wifi password every week or must within 15 days. Normally public using the default password after a few days everyone knows the password. and they are using wifi. The reason more devices are using your wifi password you will get very low speed. Get more charming content on Etisalat here.

If your guest came to your home just one time and can ask can you give your wifi password he used your wifi. Like so many your guests or friends are just nearby, your home easily they can use your wifi If you will not change your wifi password because of the same password it will connect automatically. 

how to change etisalat wifi router password

Two ways to change your Etisalat Wi-Fi password

  • Dial 101 (Call them and tell them to change your password manually from the system )
  • Open the admin panel on your computer to change the password

Steps to change the password from admin panel

This is an easy method that will help you to do this from the admin panel. Follow the below instructions.

  1. Open the following web address from the same computer that is connected to your sloth Wi-Fi router.  the address is https://1921.168.1.1 
  2. The login panel will open and you have to enter your admin and password on this page. If you already changed the admin and password then you have to try it correctly but if then you have to find the default admin and password of routers. Mostly the default router username and password is (username: admin) (Password: admin)
  3. After login, all the settings will open you have to find the advance option here.  just click on it
  4. Now here you have to click the wireless option.  If you are unable to find it, make sure to find it carefully on the left side of the webpage.
  5. More options will open now click on the security button.
  6. All done below you will find the pre-shared key.  just change the key according to your choice and click on the apply changes button.
  7.  Congratulations, your password successfully changed.

 Tips to choose a strong password

There is human nature that mostly in the password section they will use their name or their nickname that everyone knows. This is a very interesting thing but anyone can guess your password easily within two or three tries.  There is a solution to this problem.  follow the tips to choose a strong password for your Etisalat wifi router.

Make sure to write numbers

 add some letters in which must include the capital letters and small letters both 

Also, add some symbols to your password that will increase extra security and your password  nb


Advantages of changing password

There are so many advantages to changing passwords every week or every month some or below to satisfy yourself.

When so many users are connected to the same Wi-Fi router the speed will be equally divided to all of them.  so after changing a password only you will connect your router and enjoy your full speed.

You are unable to stop any person from using your Internet connection,  simply change your password to disconnect the specific person

The habit of changing passwords will never get you in any trouble, mostly in security matters.

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