Etisalat WaselGO service explained

Etisalat WaselGO service explained

WaselGo is an all-new prepaid line which comes with unique benefits for Etisalat waselGo customers like rollover of unused data and Flexi minutes & up to 3 favorite numbers, and also you can enjoy flexible weekly plans. It is the best service. If you want to buy the new waselGo line. Just simply visit any Etisalat office or any Etisalat Branch with the Etisalat requirement documents. Do you want the Etisalat Business account?

If you are using waselGO service. On the base of the weekly plan you can choose 3 favorite numbers only for the local Etisalat mobile number or you can select 3 favorite numbers for other local mobile numbers. Etisalat provide also internet calling plans. And I want to give you one more information if you’re using 5G device then you can enjoy the 5G network .

How you can change your prepaid account to waselGO service?

If you’re already Etisalat prepaid customer then you can get the international calling plan. And also you can move to the waselGo line. Just dial *101*15# then follow the instruction of Etisalat. Another option also you can use simply to take your smartphone & login to My Etisalat UAE App and type your existing prepaid account no. And easily you can transfer the existing prepaid line to the waselGo line. Please don’t worry about your remaining balance. That remaining balance will forward to the new line. 

Etisalat WaselGO service explained

If you’re a subscriber of waselGo service and you used your allocated data before the expiry date. But you have a remaining balance in your Etisalat account. don’t worry about your remaining balance. Your balance is secure. by the Etisalat waselGo service your data access will be blocked. if you want to use UAE WI-FI check here. 

What about a Lifetime plan?

You can use the waselGo line for a lifetime. You don’t have to pay any extra charges for yearly registration. Then you renew your employment visa & Emirates id simply visit any Etisalat business center or any Etisalat outlet. Submit your Emirates id and they will update in the system without any extra charges. And you can also buy the mobile installment plans.

If you stop using your waselGO line for a long time. Then your waselGo line will be retained only for 12 months. During this period if you do not call any network or not receive any call and also you never recharge your account & even you are not sending SMS. Then the system automatically will disconnect your line. If you have any questions about Etisalat you can check Etisalat FAQ.

If you want to save your waselGo line then you must be active with wellGo line and enjoy all benefits of Etisalat waselGO including lifetime free service. If you want to know about Etisalat shop & how you can track your order. 

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